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Spoofing Gartner's Magic Quadrants

Zack Urlocker, a Sun Microsystems executive, posts a comic take on research firm Gartner's "visual snapshots of a markets direction" on blog Valley of the Geeks.

What with all the talk about companies buying their way into Gartner's Magic Quadrants (viz, the more cash you offer, the better the magic), most recently with accusations flying about Wipro buying its way onto a Magic Quadrant, I was pleased to see a comic take on the infamous (but powerful) Magic Quadrants posted by Valley of the Geeks publisher and Sun Microsystems executive Zack Urlocker:

Valley of the Geeks

Gartner, of course, provides an explanation of how it builds its Magic Quadrants, which it says helps provide "visual snapshots of a market's direction, maturity, and participants." The hitch? You have to pay to read it. Nice.