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Spontaneous iPhone combustion? Again?

An Apple service center in Russia is allegedly the scene of another spontaneous combustion of a smartphone.

The alleged iPhone With permission of Planet iPhone

When an iPhone spontaneously combusts, it's an event. You know, like a film star getting shot or a married singer getting caught with a dancing concubine.

I therefore bring red-hot news of an iPhone 4 that allegedly began to fizz and burn at an Apple service center in Moscow.

No, it didn't include so many topless pictures of President Vladimir Putin that the phone just couldn't cope. Instead, the Planet iPhone enthusiast site in Russia reports that a customer brought in the phone because it simply wouldn't switch on.

The service center guru, Alexey Zykunov, apparently plugged it into a charger, which would seem the genius thing to do.

Apparently, within seconds, it began to emit smoke. Then the back panel began to blow up. Like so many Apple geniuses, Zykunov is not faint of heart. He reportedly tried to touch the metal bumpers and they were ragingly hot.

Another shot of the phone in question. With permission of Planet iPhone

So he apparently took it out of the service center and laid it down in a helpful Russian frost.

This tale follows on from incidents in Brazil and Australia last year, as well as one in the U.S. last month where an iPhone allegedly combusted while charging.

The Russian story does have a lovely ending. Zykunov reportedly felt so sorry for this poor phone that he dismantled his own iPhone, put it together with the burned iPhone's motherboard and discovered it worked just fine.