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Splish-splash, there's a shark in my bath: 3D floors look like liquid

Dubai company creates photolike aquatic flooring for those who'd like to be under the sea.

Dreaming of living in a yellow submarine? Or an octopus' garden in the shade? Dubai-based Imperial Interiors will flood your bathroom (or bedroom or kitchen) in such a stylish way you won't need to call a plumber.

The company offers 3D epoxy floor coverings that look like eerily realistic ocean scenes. Put a swimming swan in your rec room, a sandy beach in your bedroom, and completely freak out the cat with a shark or dolphin nosing its way around the living room.

One image shown on Imperial's Facebook page shows a bedroom decorated so it looks as if enormous ottoman-size ice cubes are melting on the floor, just in case you want to wake up inside a Scotch on the rocks.

"Color, gloss and smooth surface will not disappear over time and do not fade," the company said in a statement. "(Shoe) studs, heavy furniture and dirt will not compromise the integrity and appearance of (the) 3D floor."

Not ready to commit, and nowhere near Dubai? You can swim through their amazing image gallery. Just bring your scuba gear and shark repellent.

(Via Neatorama)