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Spinning the Web at the Web 2.0 Conference

Which of the emerging Web-based technologies will drive business in the future?

Which of the emerging Web-based technologies will drive business in the future? That's the focus of the third annual Web 2.0 Summit taking place in San Francisco this week amid talk of a growing investment bubble. CNET writers report from the conference:

'Skypecasts' coming to your blog soon

Skype co-founder says next version of the Net phone product will give bloggers and others the ability to hold audio chats.

Intel unveils 'Web 2.0' software suite

Chipmaker teams with SpikeSource and others to launch a package of apps for blogs, wikis, and social networking.

Intel trying out software

video Get the lowdown on Intel's new software suite from Managing Director Lisa Lambert and SpikeSource's Kim Polese.

Web 2.0 potential unmet, say experts

Technical challenges around security and privacy stand in the way of broader adoption of Web technologies.

Google wants data in the cloud, not on the desktop

Search giant's CEO says the company is targeting the neo-network computer and not Microsoft with all its Web-based applications.

The official start-ups of Web 2.0

blog Only 13 start-up companies out of 200 applicants were selected to participate in the conference's "Launch Pad" sessions.

Adobe to donate script code to Mozilla

In the largest code handoff since its formation, makers of Firefox will get Adobe's script "virtual machine."

Does Web 2.0 bubble have a silver lining?

Not all of today's Web start-ups will survive. But the relatively low cost of getting one going means Web services are being developed fast.