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Spill no milk with the Joseph Joseph SwitchScale

The Joseph Joseph SwitchScale features a reversible top. When flipped over, it turns into a measuring bowl that can hold wet or dry ingredients.

Tears no more with the Jospeh Joseph SwitchScale.
Tears no more with the Joseph Joseph SwitchScale. Joseph Joseph

Water and oil don't mix. But water (or milk), oil, flour, eggs and a little sugar do mix and become quite tasty after spending a little time together in the oven. Thankfully, the magic of these ingredients coming together is not one that happens behind a veil. Rather, the cakes and other baked sweets that are created in kitchens everywhere are the result of prep work that happens right out in the open on the countertop. And yet, still a mystery remains.

Getting from a pile of ingredients -- that may or may not play together nicely -- to a ready-to-eat baked treat takes time and patience. Best then to streamline the process; the quicker the baking, the quicker the eating, after all. From the first sound of a cake pan hitting the counter anything that slows down the baking stands between you and cake (and that's no lie).

Bringing it all together is the Joseph Joseph SwitchScale ($50). Featuring a reversible lid that can be used alone or with the mixing bowl you already have, the digital kitchen scale offers the ability to weigh ingredients both wet and or dry. The top flips over to create a measuring bowl that can hold liquid ingredients, keeping the fat and liquids together and happy -- and keeping spilled milk off of the floor.