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Spielberg bringing 'Minority Report' to TV?

Steven Spielberg is reportedly developing a "Minority Report" pilot for Amblin Television. We can't wait for the PreCrime Unit to solve murders before they happen.

Police fighting crime with the help of precogs? "Minority Report" TV show on the way! 20th Century Fox

Precogs already knew this news, but filmmaker Steven Spielberg is said to be developing his hit sci-fi movie "Minority Report" as a TV series.

Based on Philip K. Dick's futuristic story, the film features the "PreCrime" police unit that relies on psychics known as precogs to predict murders before they happen. The TV show will most likely focus on this special unit and the crimes they try to prevent.

According to The Wrap, "Godzilla" writer Max Borenstein is in talks to write the TV pilot for Amblin Television, but no actors have been named yet to star in the new series.

Currently, Spielberg is executive-producing another sci-fi TV series, " Extant," on CBS starring Halle Berry, who plays a pregnant astronaut Molly Woods. (Disclosure: CBS is CNET's parent company.)

Here's hoping Spielberg's "Minority Report" TV fares better than producer J.J. Abrams' futuristic police drama "Almost Human" starring Karl Urban. It was recently cancelled by Fox after just one season.