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Spider-Man destroys the Death Star (kind of) in 'Homecoming' clip

Peter Parker's friend is over the moon -- and that's no moon -- when he discovers his pal's secret identity.

Now here are two franchises that make for a nice geeky mix: Spider-Man and Star Wars. In a clip from the upcoming "Spider-Man: Homecoming," shown on Sunday night's MTV Movie and TV Awards, the webslinger meets up with the moon-sized battle station -- kind of.

Spidey stars Tom Holland and Zendaya introduced the clip, which shows Spidey sneaking back into his bedroom and getting busted by friend Ned (Jacob Batalon) who it turns out is as good at destroying Death Stars as a certain Young Skywalker.

Let's just say Ned is over the "moon" when he discovers his pal's secret identity. And the combination is perfect, because no superhero is more likely to be a Star Wars geek than Peter Parker and anyone he would hang out with.

"Spider-Man: Homecoming" opens July 7 in the US and UK, and on July 6 in Australia.

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