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Spider-Man: Far From Home -- How do you challenge a superhero?

Comics legend Todd MacFarlane reveals how you create a memorable villain in Marvel's sequel, out now for home release.

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When your hero has superpowers, how do you create a villain that can stand up to them? This behind the scenes video shows how Spider-Man: Far From Home conjured up a real test for the friendly neighborhood wall-crawler.

Far From Home is out now in the US and UK as a digital download from the usual online outlets, including the UK's Sky Store. It's on DVD & Blu-ray from Nov. 11. The Marvel sequel stars Tom Holland as Peter Parker (AKA Spider-Man) and Jake Gyllenhaal as the enigmatic Mysterio. At first, Mysterio appears to be on Spidey's side, but things aren't always as they appear with a character who's trademark is clever illusions.

In this behind the scenes video you can get a glimpse of the effects that go into creating a pivotal illusion scene, and learn how Mysterio challenges Spider-Man. Todd MacFarlane, one of the comic artists and creators who defined the modern Spider-Man, offers an insight into why their conflict is so compelling.

Superhero slugfests between super-strong characters may be spectacular when they're knocking over skyscrapers, but that's less engaging than a battle of wills between characters whose powers expose their opponent's weakness. Even super-speed can't outrun doubt, and a superhero can't punch a different viewpoint.