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New 'Spider-Man 3: Editor's Cut' vanishes from the web

The much-criticised 2007 film appeared as an "Editor's Cut" on Amazon over the weekend, only to make a swift exit a day later.

Columbia Pictures

"Spider-Man 3" didn't exactly reach the same heights as the other two films in director Sam Raimi's trilogy featuring everyone's favourite web-slinger, but maybe that warranted a rerelease 10 years later to amend some of the original's shortcomings.

Amazon obliged with an "Editor's Cut," which you could buy or rent digitally over the weekend until Amazon pulled it from its service a day later.

Don't worry about missing out on what changes were made in the new cut, the internet has cemented those details online. Fans on reported a slightly shorter run time, a few scenes of dialogue removed and full trailer footage of Spidey in his new black suit (which may well have involved too many gaudy shenanigans to handle).

The possible explanation for the snap recall is that it was a premature release -- a new Blu-ray collection of the trilogy is set to land in the coming weeks, which will include the "Editor's Cut."

Soon after Raimi's trilogy, a 2012 reboot brought "The Amazing Spider-Man" and "The Amazing Spider-Man 2." Marvel arranged a new partnership with Spider-Man rights holder's Sony Pictures that saw Tom Holland's take on Spidey swing into "Captain America: Civil War." Another Spidey film, "Spider-Man: Homecoming," will open July 7 in the US and UK, July 6 in Australia.

The Blu-ray rerelease of the Raimi Spider-Man trilogy will be available in the US June 13.