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Spider-bot pumpkin sure to terrify neighbors

The Creeper2 walking robot is decidedly the scariest way to dispense treats on Halloween.

Creeper2 has an all-aluminum custom chassis and uses dual processors to ensure smooth movements. Trossen Robotics

If I wasn't so worried about traumatizing the kids in my neighborhood, dispensing trick or treat candy in this creepy spider bot pumpkin would be awesome.

It runs C on an Axon microcontroller. It uses all digital servos and can lift over twice its body weight. The software (soon to be given out open source) allows for six synchronous degrees of motion. Future additions will include foot sensors and a remote control option.

Based on that info, and other nuggets gleaned from the Trossen Robotics forums, you might be able to have a Creeper2 bot of your own ready for next year.

Or, better yet, put a Santa head on top of that thing and march it out in the living room on Christmas morning. Your kids are sure to have suppressed memories of it that will bubble up to the surface years and years from now causing a dramatic and crippling meltdown. Priceless.

This story originally appeared on Gizmodo.