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Spend 2 hours admiring Star Trek's decades-long impact on tech

Star Trek showcased futuristic tech fans could only dream about. A new special will explore the impact of those far out ideas.


Boldly go to your TV this September.

The Smithsonian

Star Trek fans can't get enough of the legendary television show. As the 50th anniversary of the original "Star Trek" series approaches, there will be much to consume -- including a 2-hour special from the Smithsonian Channel called "Building Star Trek."

"Building Star Trek" covers a few main areas, the Smithsonian Channel said Wednesday. Just this week, the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum moved its model of the USS Enterprise -- the ship fans will recognize from the show's opening -- out of the basement and to the main floor after decades sitting in the basement. The special will include the conservation team's efforts to restore the piece. It will also follow the rebuilding of the ship's famous bridge, which can now be seen at Seattle's EMP Museum.

The special will also highlight engineers and scientists working on the types technologies that at one time, seemed like far out innovations -- like touchscreens.

"Building Star Trek" airs September 4 at 8 p.m.