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Speedometer watch goes from 0 to 60 in 60 minutes

The Max Speed Speedometer Watch doesn't have a clutch or gear shifter, but it's still a perfect accessory for car-obsessed geeks.

Max Speed Speedometer Watch
Are we there yet? Gadgets and Gear

I'm addicted to the original British "Top Gear" car show. As much as I love to watch them run a Bugatti Veyron down an airplane runway, though, I know I'll never get within spitting distance of a blazing fast car like that.

With a Max Speed Speedometer Car Watch from Gadgets and Gear, I could at least pretend I'm sitting behind the wheel of a vehicle with nifty light-up gauges.

The LED display glows with blue lights while red needles track the time.

The watch also sports smaller day-of-the-week and a.m./p.m. gauges. In the pantheon of geek watches, it's no DIP-Switch or wrist-mounted iPod Nano, but it is a perfect fit for all the gearheads out there.

At $79.95, the Speedometer watch costs more than a dollar a minute. You'll have to provide your own engine revving noises. Vrooom! Vrooom!

Max Speed Speedometer Watch
The Speedometer Watch won't make your Prius go any faster, but it looks cool. Gadgets and Gear