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Speeding muppet evades police, defeats technology

Once again, Muppets have foiled technology. I am sure it won't be the last time.

An Audi with British registration plates has been repeatedly caught speeding on roads in the Bavarian city of Bayreuth.

Animal is my chaffeur
Animal is my chaffeur BR Online

But because continental speed cameras are set up for left-hand drive vehicles, the cameras keep missing the driver's face and instead see the delightful mug of one of my favorite drummers: Animal from the Muppets.

Photo originally published by the Bavarian police then posted here by Abroath, then at Boing Boing (whew.)

For your further enjoyment I offer you the classic drum battle of Animal vs. Buddy Rich. And just in case you were wondering, as a kid one of my drum teachers was in the CBS orchestra and actually played as Animal a few times (the drums, not the puppet.)

For the record I got permission to use the photo, but apparently when the police there publish an image like that they want it distributed as widely as possible though they retain the rights. It's a crazy world.