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Speed up air-drying dishes

The Bon Home Heat And Dry Dish Rack looks like an ordinary dish rack, but it features a hidden fan. The 750-watt appliance heats air and directs it over the dishes.

More exciting than watching paint dry.
More exciting than watching paint dry. Chef's Catalog

Doing the dishes should be its own reward. After cleaning a sink full of dirty dishes, a whole rack filled with fresh plates waiting to be used again should be enough to satisfy any home cook. But it's not. They have to dry. Of course, one could use a towel to simply speed up the process, but there is another way.

The Bon Home Heat And Dry Dish Rack ($99.95) makes dishes available to use again at the flick of a switch. Disguised as an ordinary dish rack, this particular model hides a convenient fan underneath. Air is heated and directed over the dishes, drying them quickly and automatically. Measuring 20.5 inches wide by 16.25 inches, the 7-inch tall, 750-watt appliance offers quiet operation while blending in next to the sink.

With space for six place settings, the dish rack is large enough to accommodate most any household. Movable wire racks allow for customized configuration, and an elevated shelf keeps stemware and other fragile items separate from dishes. A multicompartment utensil holder features specialized slots designed to protect cutlery while at the same time accommodating general flatware. Though the sink full of dirty dishes still has to somehow make it on to the contraption, the drying appliance finally validates the excuse to just let the dishes air-dry.