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Speed Tetris player breaks 20-second game barrier

A speed-Tetris player knocks out a mind-boggling 40 lines in just under 20 seconds. Check out the insane replay video.

Speed Tetris screenshot
Care to compare your Tetris skills? Video screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

A normal game of Tetris is a pressure-packed test of your dexterity, spatial sense, and ability to plan ahead. A "line race" game of Tetris ratchets up the tension, requiring the player to clear 40 lines as fast as possible. Doing it in less than a minute is a cause for celebration. Player keroco did it in under 20 seconds.

The exact time was 19.68 seconds. The feat appears to be a new record for a Tetris sprint, kind of like the first time someone broke the 4-minute-mile barrier.

Keroco's record didn't just hatch fully formed. You can see some of the attempts leading up to it on the player's YouTube channel. It took at least 10 months to achieve the sub-20 game.

The video happens so fast, it's almost too quick for the average person to process. Advanced Tetris players, however, have been applauding the achievement on the Hard Drop gaming site. Now, it appears keroco is gunning for a sub-19-second time. That could very well take another 10 months.

(Via Kotaku)