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Speed Tests: Samsung Galaxy Tab vs. Apple iPad (video)

A (relatively) short video showcasing the speed of the Samsung Galaxy Tab as compared to the Apple iPad.

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Sure, it's fun to create charts and graphs and tell you how one popular product compares with another popular product (and we do and will continue to do that), but it's so much more fun to show you!

And by "fun" I mean a fracking nightmare! Seriously, recording a testing video is no easy feat (for me that is). These four-plus minutes of footage you see here were compiled from an hour and a half of (mostly useless) raw footage. Much of it included copious amounts of word-stumbling, followed by even more cursing. I learned a lot, however, so the recording of the next testing video I post should go a lot more smoothly--and with less complaining.

Anyway, we'll do more hard-hitting testing for these products and their contemporaries soon, but I wanted to show you clearly how the Apple iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab (Verizon Wireless) compare. At least in a few tests.

Check out the video above for a look at the tests. Also, this is not to be confused with Brian Tong's recent Prizefight featuring these two tablets.

Look for a Crave Extra soon in which Donald Bell and I go more in-depth with the Galaxy Tab and how it compares with the iPad.