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Specs and price info on EA's 'Crysis' PC

Specs and pricing detail unveiled by blogger.

Blogger Chris Remo followed up this week on his report from July that Electronic Arts was developing a desktop to coincide with the launch of PC shooter Crysis Warhead. The pseudo-sequel to last year's Crysis promises to be just as graphically advanced as its predecessor, which is infamous for bringing even top-of-the-line gaming PCs to their knees.

UltraPC, coming soon with a Crysis PC. UltraPC

With this new post, Chris reveals the specs and pricing. We'll refer you to his blog for the details, but we'll say that the price does indeed live up to the earlier report that it would be between $600 and $800.

Remo reports that EA will not assemble the hardware itself, but instead it's pairing with PC vendor UltraPC to build the system. Where you would need to go to actually buy this system remains unknown. UltraPC's own Web site says its "Configure this PC" section is still under construction, and neither Best Buy nor Amazon list any UltraPC SKUs.

We assume the point-of-purchase information will be revealed soon. According to Remo, preorders start this week when the system is officially announced, and the system ships on September 16, the same day as Crysis Warhead.