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Speck's new Darth Vader-inspired iPad 2 case

Speck has redesigned its CandyShell Wrap case with a "DarkLord" glossy black finish for the iPad 2. It hits the market soon.

Speck's iPad 2 version of the DarkLord CandyShell Wrap is due out soon for $54.95. Speck

Speck's black CandyShell Wrap was one of the more strikingly designed cases for the original iPad. Now the company has announced an iPad 2 version that comes in the same glossy finish it calls DarkLord Black that's reminiscent of Darth Vader's helmet.

We're not sure how the shiny finish will hold up over time (it might be prone to showing scratches), but we recently got a look at the case in person and it looks a lot like the previous model, only slimmer and lighter.

Like the PixelSkin HD Wrap for iPad 2, this one's got a hard shell exterior but a soft rubber center. There's no automatic on/off feature when you open and close the case like with Apple's Smart Cover (and plenty of other iPad 2 covers), but the cover does fold back into a stand with multiple viewing angles.

This new CandyShell Wrap in DarkLord Black should be available in the next few weeks and retails for $54.95.