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Speck and others prep Samsung Galaxy S4 cases

A day after the launch of the S4 smartphone, several accessory makers have announced new cases for it.

Speck's new S4 cases will come in a variety of colors (click image to enlarge). Speck

Now that Samsung's Galaxy phones have achieved iPhone-like popularity, accessory makers are quick to get in on the action as soon as a new model is unveiled.

Several case makers, including Speck, Cygnett, and Otterbox, have announced that they'll have new cases available for the Galaxy S4 around the time it hits stores next month.

Not surprisingly, since the S4's overall design isn't so different from the S3's, those new cases look very similar to existing cases. Speck's offerings will include the CandyShell, CandyShell Grip, SmartFlex Card, SmartFlex View (not pictured). All of them will carry a list price of $34.95.

Samsung, of course, announced its own cases at the launch of the S4 -- its new S View case features a cut-out window on its front cover so you can get a peek at such information as the time, battery status, your current music playlist, and caller ID.

We'll have a round up the best S4 cases after they become available in April. If you're in the market for the phone, you can have a look at our round up of the best Galaxy S3 cases to get an idea of what's coming for the S4. Several models can be had for $15 or less.

Cygnett's upcoming Form cases for the Galaxy S4 (click image to enlarge). Cygnett