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Speck: 'All of our iPhone 6 cases fit the new iPhone 6S.'

Wondering whether your old iPhone 6 case will fit the new Phone 6S? Well, at least if it's a Speck it will.

Speck has a new CandyShell Clear case that fits both the new iPhone 6S and old iPhone 6. Speck

The new iPhone 6S and 6S Plus are ever so slightly bigger than the previous-generation iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. We're talking a couple of tenths of millimeters on height, width and depth. But when it comes to iPhone cases, even tiny differences can be a problem.

That said, Speck has come out and announced that all its old iPhone 6 cases will fit the new 6S (and vice versa). Also, its old iPhone 6 Plus cases will fit the new iPhone 6S Plus.

I suspect that most "old" cases that aren't totally rigid should work with the new iPhones. However, we'll have to wait and see what the deal is with super tight fitting cases like those from Lifeproof that are designed to be waterproof.

Today, Speck also unveiled the CandyShell Clear, its "first completely clear case and the world's first military-grade protective clear case."

Speck says the CandyShell Clear is made with next-generation rubber that resists yellowing over time and is "perfect for showing off the new rose gold iPhone." It costs $35 for the 6/6S version and $40 for the 6 Plus/6S Plus version.