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Special edition Eclipse 500 microjet on the block

Microjet manufacturer releasing one early version of much-anticipated model to highest bidder

Eclipse 500
Declan McCullagh/CNET

Eclipse Aviation has started bidding for an early production model of the much-anticipated Eclipse 500.

CNET's written at length about the wonders and woes that the Eclipse 500 may bring to the flying world.

The six-person jet's relatively inexpensive list price of about $1.5 million has companies looking for an alternative to luxury jets and those running air taxi services salivating. But it can also mean there will soon be many, many more people flying the already crowded skies.

CNET has an exclusive photo gallery of the Eclipse 500's dashboard, interior and detailing.

As BornRich points out, bidding ends on August 10. But so far, the "Eclipse 500 Very Light Jet - Serial # 000038" has only one opening bid of $1,633,945.

No mention of whether the plane comes with an iPod.