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Speaking of great personalities...Marc Fleury

Marc Fleury is an impressive person, but I particularly like two aspects of his career and personality.

I just wrote about Linus Torvalds, and how his personality feeds into the success of Linux. I then came across Mark Hinkle's "Five Reasons Why JBoss Founder Marc Fleury is My Hero," and thought Mark was spot-on in his assessment of Monsieur Fleury.

I didn't know Marc well when he was at JBoss. My familiarity with him came after. He haddinner at my house earlier this year and joined the open-source crew for the inaugural Open Source Goat Rodeo.

I particularly appreciate two things about Marc, which Mark Hinkle calls out. First, his legacy didn't end with JBoss. He hired people that have since gone on to start or heavily contribute to a range of other startups: Ringside Networks, Loopfuse, Alfresco, Pentaho, Appcelerator, etc. Much as I respect Red Hat, you'd be hard-pressed to find much in the way of open-source off-shoots that it has fostered. Ditto for Novell.

The second thing I find impressive about Marc is his patience. It's very hard to build an open-source community. It's even harder to take the time to grow that community before you start trying to monetize it. As Mark notes, Marc took JBoss to six million downloads before he took a dime in outside investment. Very impressive.

Marc is nowflitting around Europe, and likely will end up staying over there for a few years. But he's still around. He never really left.