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Speakerphone thinks it's a Transformer

Yamaha's new VoIP unit has microphones that swing out like arms.

Akihabara News

The most interesting thing about Yamaha's new speakerphone isn't its VoIP technology, which Engadget notes is actually trailing the competition. Nor is it the 1.25-pound size, though that's certainly preferably to the spaceship-sized models that still dominate so many conferece rooms. And its USB connection? What doesn't have a USB connection these days?

No, what we like most about the PJP-25UR is its Transformer impersonation. In its compact form, the unit appears to be an innocuous triangular box, maybe a USB hub. But look! It has two arm-like microphones that swing out to reveal its true form.

The only problem is its price, which weighs in at more than $500. For that kind of money, they could have at least given it an Optimus Prime paint job.