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Speaker system looks like a blast

We like the innovative design, but it reminds us of a nuclear reactor.

The 'Alibi' speaker Boynq
Nuclear reactor

Boynq, the company that may have the best name in all of the Netherlands, actually debuted this fashion-conscious multi-tasking speaker system earlier in the year at CES, but it's worth noting again now that it's finally arriving on the market.

Along with its "Audio Lens Technology" surround sound, the strangely named "Alibi" includes a microphone and a Webcam peeking out of the top, with an ingeniously situated volume control in the form of a silver band that looks like a girdle tightened around its waist. We were sold on this adornment based on its looks alone, though we haven't been able to find it on sale: A company press release said it was supposed to be available at Amazon and Target for $80, but we couldn't find it on either retailer's site as of this writing.

There's just one thing that bothers us: As much as we like the design, it's disturbingly reminiscent of a nuclear reactor. Or maybe a pepper grinder. We can't decide.