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Spatula equivalent of training wheels

The Backstop Spatula features a raised edge for easy burger flipping.

Easy as can be.

I never knew you could get a spatula with what amounts to training wheels, but the more I look at this thing, the more I like it. Think about it: the first actual cooking implement most of us use as we learn to cook is the spatula. I'm going to guess one of the first things many children learn to do in the kitchen is to fry an egg. At least it was in my case (ruining the good egg pan in the process). As hand-eye coordination develops, it can be challenging for a child to do simple tasks in the kitchen, A little help in the form of a raised edge could go a long way.

While the Backstop Spatula seems to be designed with the grill in mind rather than as a helping hand for those new to the kitchen, that only makes it more useful. Grillers can encourage the young ones to participate knowing in confidence that the burger won't end up on the ground. Simply slide, tilt, and flip.

Maybe that's where the true value of this spatula resides: in its ease-of-use for the grill. After all, if you are going to be outside grilling, most likely you are going to have a beer in your hand. After all, sometimes it's not just the young who need help with their motor coordination skills. I'm not saying you are going to need a specialty spatula, but hey, one can never be too careful.