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SpaceX captures stunning shot of Falcon 9 landing

This magnificent photograph celebrates the seventh landing of a reusable rocket.


SpaceX's Falcon 9 reusable rocket made another successful launch and landing on the weekend, marking the company's seventh success since the start of the reusable launch system program in 2013. You can read all about the exciting event here, but this gorgeous photo deserves its own glory.

It's just one of a series captured of the rocket's first stage. This is after it successfully separated from the second stage and sent it on to low-Earth orbit with its payload of communications satellites. As it returned to Earth, it landed nearly dead in the middle of the waiting drone ship in the Pacific Ocean, with equipment waiting to record the moment.

This isn't just for posterity. If anything were to go wrong with any of its Falcon 9 landings (which it has), visual data can help SpaceX ascertain what that was, and then help them to fix it for the next launch.

You can view SpaceX's Flickr Photostream here, with more shots of the landing.

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