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Space-saving keyboard clears the deck

The extra space might even allow for a desktop keg.


As evidenced by the "Isole" power strip only a few minutes ago, some of the most mundane devices can prove to be the most convenient. So at the risk of inducing narcolepsy among our readers, we herewith offer another boring but (possibly) useful item as a public service.

Kensington's Ci70 keyboard has been outfitted with two USB ports above the keys rather than on the sides or back, which may seem like a small thing but really makes a lot of sense. The position will keep the plugs accessible without having to turn the keyboard around while keeping either side of the desktop clear for more important items. Better still, according to Newlaunches, the Ci70's footprint is a third smaller than most other keyboards.The possibilities for all that extra space is enough to make one's head spin.