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Space geeks, show us your Instagram best

Things are looking up. For our latest reader Instagram gallery, we're asking for images related to space and astronomy -- the sun, the moon, the stars, the Lego spaceship you built.

That's Crave writer Amanda Kooser's Orion SkyScanner 100 telescope, with a Dalek next to it for scale. Amanda Kooser/CNET

Here at Crave, astronomical happenings like the weekend's rare "hybrid" solar eclipse always make the space geek in us soar. And no small part of that is the amazing photos that often result from such celestial events -- be they said eclipses, blue moons, or NASA shuttle flybys.

So for the next installment in our series of CNET reader Instagram galleries we'd love to see your skyward-looking shots.

Maybe you spotted a star configuration or moon to remember. Or were lucky enough to catch a comet. Or captured a planet with an amateur telescope (or felt inspired to snap a shot of the telescope itself, like Crave writer Amanda Kooser did above). Perhaps you just got creative with a breathtaking sunrise or sunset. Maybe you Instagrammed every angle of that giant Lego spaceship you built or got filter fever with your collection of NASA memorabilia.

If you've taken an out-of-this world Instagram shot that's somehow related to space or space geekdom, we want to see it. Judging from our recent collection of readers' Instagram gadget glam shots, we're in for a creative treat.

Please e-mail your favorite space-related Instagram shots to crave at cnet dot com with "Instagram space" in the subject line. Be sure to include your full name and location, and as well as any details you'd like to share on filters used, composition, or where and when you snapped your picture.

Please submit your images by this Thursday, November 7, at noon PT, and we'll run our favorite photos in a gallery shortly thereafter.

And just in case you missed our gallery of readers' gadget shots, click on the gallery below. Maybe the photo of the laptop appreciating a beautiful sunset will inspire you.