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Lou Dobbs plans to step down as the chief executive of the multimedia Web site and return to CNN's "Moneyline News Hour" as its anchor in May.

Space...was not the final frontier.

Lou Dobbs said Tuesday that he is stepping down as chief executive of, a Web site featuring multimedia content on space. Dobbs, who made a name for himself by founding CNN's "Moneyline News Hour," is returning to the show as its anchor beginning May 14.

CNN is now part of the vast AOL Time Warner media empire. The all-news cable station has been under increasing pressure because of the proliferation of both general news and business news TV stations.

Dobbs left CNN in June 1999 to help start Although he officially left CNN on friendly terms, the resignation followed a public fallout with Rick Kaplan, the president of CNN U.S.

Dobbs plans to remain as a member of the board of the directors at and maintain his significant investment in the Internet company.