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Soylent's new breakfast drink is kind of almost coffee

Meet "Coffiest," Soylent's new coffee-flavored, plant-based liquid meal replacement.


Breakfast in a bottle, Soylent style.


Los Angeles startup Soylent has long been in the liquefied meal replacement business, and today it's tackling breakfast with a new 400-calorie coffee-flavored beverage called "Coffiest." The pitch: 20 percent of your daily nutritional requirements, plus a coffee cup's worth of caffeine in each bottle. A 12-bottle monthly subscription costs $37, putting the price per serving right around 3 bucks.

Like the original Soylent Drink, Coffiest is a plant-based drink made with soy protein and algal oil -- the addition of light-roast coffee and a bit of chocolate seems like a wise move toward getting the skeptics to try a sip.

Coffiest is available now on Soylent's website. For each case sold, Soylent promises to donate a meal to a child in need.