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'South Park' skewers Marvel and DC superhero movies in new video

Cartman and pals make fun of the long wait for a black superhero movie, plus get in a good jab at Star Wars' J.J. Abrams. It's all a tease for their new video game.

Leave it to Cartman and his "South Park" pals to deliver a Kryptonite-poisoned skewer straight to the heart of modern superhero movies.

In a new, hilarious trailer for the upcoming video game "South Park: The Fractured But Whole," the kids from Colorado are dressed up as superheroes and gather around a boardroom table to plan out their movie franchises. It seems it might be a little similar to how Marvel, DC and even Lucasfilm also operate. (Note: The video has profanity, but it's mild by "South Park" standards.)

Remember the Underwear Gnomes and their three-part plan? "1. Steal underwear. 2. ???? 3. Profit!" The kids have come a long way from those days, sketching out a complicated chalkboard scheme of sequels, animated TV shows, Netflix exclusives, prequel movies with young versions of the heroes, direct-to-video fiascos and even a theme park in Asia. Who wouldn't want to see "Rise of Captain Diabetes," or "SuperCraig 3: The Earth Explodes," which was quickly followed by "Fastpass 2: The Earth is OK Again"?

And not all of the heroes are on board with Cartman's plan, as if they ever are. Some demand their own solo flick, and Cartman is not a fan of starting with a movie starring black superhero Tupperware (played by Token, of course).

"Marvel is making a black superhero movie!" argues Craig.

"Yeah, NOW!" sneers Cartman. "They waited YEARS to get to that! We follow THEIR plan, we do all the real people first, then we sneak the black guy in in Phase 3!"

Watch the whole video for more delicious little jabs, including a great J.J. Abrams joke.

"South Park: The Fractured But Whole," a sequel to 2014's hit game "The Stick of Truth," comes out December 6.