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South Park creates new EA Tiger Woods game

The creators of South Park decide that the golfer's Thanksgiving mishap deserves to be an EA video game--perfect for your Xbox 360.

Of course this is not suitable for work. It's not suitable for many other places either. It's "South Park." When has "South Park" ever been suited to corporate life?

Still, if you can keep the volume on your work computer down, you might raise a private titter at the show's take on the Tiger Woods Escalade escalation.

The wry observers over at Chateau Parker-Stone decided there was only one thing to do with Tiger Woods' return to public view: turn the whole thing into an EA Sports game, one that you can enjoy on the comfort of your Xbox.

You might be pleased at the authenticity offered to the cover of Tiger Woods 11. You might even be amused to hear Cartman's answer to the line: "Wow, I didn't know golf games could be this cool."

"Yeah," he says, "EA really outdid themselves this time."

EA announced in January that there would be another Tiger Woods game. The company declared its support of the confident but embattled man who will be returning to professional golf at April's U.S. Masters.

Therefore, what finer piece of pre-return-of-the-franchise advertising could one imagine than to see the Tiger Woods saga turned in to such a touchingly sophisticated game? If he happens to win the Masters, one can only imagine what this might do for EA Sports, never mind the highly commercial brand that is Tiger Woods .