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SourceLabs gets (back?) into Linux support

Is SourceLabs still in business? Who knew?

CNET's Martin LaMonica is reporting that SourceLabs "enables do-it-yourself Linux support." This is actually what SourceLabs was talking about several years ago when it started. Or, rather, it was talking about offering support for open-source stacks that include Linux.

The real news in this is that SourceLabs is still around at all. That's not intended to be snotty. I just haven't heard from Byron and crew for many years, and haven't seen any press releases/etc. In fact, a quick check of Google News for 2007 suggests that Martin may well be in a very select group covering SourceLabs.

Don't get me wrong: I'd love to see SourceLabs doing well. I was just surprised to hear its name come up after such a long silence....