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Souped-up iPod battery pack gets you through 'Titanic'

Promises 16 hours of battery life, if it works.

Don't batteries suck? I mean, either they blow up in your face, or in the case of Apple's iPod, their lifespans just don't cut it--especially when you're watching video. I mean, what good is a portable video player if it can't get you through a flight from New York to L.A.?

Enter the Sonnettech Volta, a battery add-on that you strap onto your iPod like a backpack. If it works, it'll keep your iPod's video player going for 16 hours or recharge the little guy up to three times. Just think--you could make it through all three "X-Men" movies and have some time left over for the DVD bloopers!

If it works. That's always the big uncertainty.

Thanks for the link, Gizmodo.

(Photo: Sonnet Technologies)