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SoundCloud adds Stations feature to artists' pages

Stations, a stream of queued up tracks suggested by SoundCloud's software, can now be based off any track or artist page on the music service.


Now you can start a new Station from any artist page.


SoundCloud is updating its Stations, after launching the discovery feature earlier this year.

Stations previously allowed users to play a stream of similar music from any track on SoundCloud. Now, folks can start a new Station from an artist's profile page, too, offering up tracks similar to that musician's songs.

Just like Stations started from tracks, Stations started from an artist profile will be saved to a Collection so listeners can revisit them. The tracks in a Station are refreshed every time you start one again. Users can also skip as often as they'd like while listening.

SoundCloud is a popular source for music, with about 175 million unique visitors a month compared with the 100 million active listeners for streaming music service Spotify. It differs from services like Spotify and Apple Music by allowing people to upload tracks.