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SoundCloud adds new auto-discovery feature

The social media site often called the "YouTube for audio" has a new algorithm to help users find tracks and artists that might otherwise go unnoticed.

Screenshot by Marguerite Reardon

SoundCloud says it's making it easier for music lovers to discover new artists and songs.

The social media platform designed specifically to share recorded sounds and music with friends or the public on Wednesday announced a new "Suggested Tracks" feature that will automatically suggest new tracks and artists based on your listening activity.

SoundCloud's algorithm delivers fresh music and audio suggestions based on a user's likes and plays on the platform. On the desktop version of SoundCloud, the Suggested Tracks feature can be found on the home screen. In the app, you can find Suggested Tracks in the Search field.

SoundCloud currently has more than 125 million tracks on its platform. The service is a popular source for music, with about 175 million unique visitors a month compared with the 100 million active listeners for streaming music service Spotify. It differs from services like Spotify and Apple Music by allowing people to upload tracks.