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SoundClip makes your iPhone 3G sound better

Little accessory passively enhances and directs sound from the iPhone 3G speaker toward the user to increase volume and clarity.

Ten One Design

Ever since the hands-free calling legislation went into effect in California, I've often found myself using the cell phone's speaker phone while driving. While my iPhone 3G's speaker phone works relatively well, it sounds a little distorted when turned all the way up and yet still not loud enough.

That might now change with the SoundClip, a new little accessory Ten One Design introduced this week that amplifies the iPhone 3G's external audio by 10dB between 5kH and 20kHz.

As the name suggests, the device is a clip that fits securely in the 30-pin dock connector to guide the sound from the iPhone speaker directly toward the user. This offers a more concentrated sound quality that may otherwise be lost without it.

This add-on is especially cool during gaming as it prevents the hand from blocking the iPhone speaker. The only inconvenience is you will need to detach it to be able to charge or sync the phone, and it can't be used with any of the iPhone's extended batteries.

To make up for this, the SoundClip can be had for only $7.95. It works best with the iPhone 3G only.