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'Sound therapy' mask is off key

It sounds basically like a blindfold and iPod to us


It may surprise many readers, but it's been brought to our attention that some people think Crave can be somewhat sarcastic in our gadgetry observations. For the record, we honestly don't derive any kind of sadistic pleasure from denigrating products (there are so many more fun ways to do that).

But once in awhile, along comes something like the "TheraSpa Sound Therapy Eyeshades" as seen on Uber-Review, and we just can't help ourselves. We're not even sure where to begin, so let's just start with shades' own description by Brookstone, which says they "gently block out all light and play five digitally recorded sound programs to help you achieve a deep, restful state of relaxation." Translation: It's a padded blindfold that hooks up to an iPod.

It doesn't even have anything like magical blue lights built into the mask. We say save the $40 and get a couple of pirate eyepatches that you can use at Halloween as well. We're sure fellow Craver Caroline McCarthy has a few spares lying around.