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Sound ID Six headset works with EarPrint app for better sound

Sound ID's latest Bluetooth headset, the Six, promises great noise cancellation and voice command features in an attractive and slim package.

Sound ID Six
Sound ID Six Sound ID

Sound ID's latest Bluetooth headset is called the Six, and it promises to be the company's most advanced headset yet.

Sound ID stands out in the field of Bluetooth headset makers because the company was founded by an ear doctor from Stanford University, and the headsets are therefore designed with strong knowledge of the human ear. Sound ID headsets have usually prized comfort and audio clarity because of this.

The Six headset is also highly stylized with a new contemporary design. Notable features include background noise management, improved voice recognition due to a VoiceMenu system, an ActiveConnect feature that can connect to two A2DP devices simultaneously, and a Smart Touch Surface that lets you access a variety of controls (volume, voice mail, voice dial, and so on) simply by tapping the headset. You also get a Pass Thru Mode that amplifies surrounding noise when you're not in a call, so that you can listen to your environment with your headset still in your ear.

The headset also works in concert with a new EarPrint 3.0 smarphone app for iPhones, BlackBerrys, and Android handsets. The app lets you access the voice command menu, a text-to-speech feature for Android devices, a Find Me option to locate a missing headset, a Personal Sound setting to customize listening preferences, and other options.

The Sound ID Six Bluetooth headset retails for $129.99.