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Sound ID HD300 turns it up to 11

The Sound ID HD300 Bluetooth headset is all about audio performance.

Sound ID HD300
Sound ID HD300 Sound ID

Sound ID fans rejoice: the company has just announced the Sound ID HD300, a Bluetooth headset that hopes to succeed the SM100 in audio clarity. Its predecessor, the Sound ID SM100, earned high marks from CNET editors and our readers for its amazing noise-reduction technology, thanks to Sound ID's medical roots in the study of the human ear. The HD300 improves upon the SM100 with a new technology dubbed NoiseNavigation, which promises to automatically reduce wind and background noise plus allow for greater audio clarity. Other features include PersonalSound, which lets you choose from three common "listening modes," and Automatic Volume Control, which adjusts the volume depending on your environment. It also retains the same comfortable ear loops from its predecessors. Also, if you're a real control freak about your gadgets, you'll love that Sound ID will also offer a free application that extends the HD300's functionality by letting you control the headset via your phone--the application will supposedly have a sound level meter, a battery life indicator, and so forth. Talk about headset information overload! The HD300 weighs about 0.28 ounce, measures 2.1 inches by 0.6 inch by 0.3 inch, has a rated talk time of 6 hours, and a rated standby time of eight days. Sound ID says it'll be available in Q3 for $119.99.