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Soul by Ludacris continues the celeb headphone tradition

In what is becoming a new CES tradition, yet another rapper introduces his own pair of headphones. Make way for the Soul by Ludacris line.

Soul by Ludacris
Soul by Ludacris SL300 Ingram Micro

LAS VEGAS--In what is becoming a CES tradition, yet another rapper has announced his own name-branded headphones. In this case, we're talking about Ludacris and his new Soul headphone line.

Whether or not you give weight to audio products endorsed by musicians, I will say this about Luda: he is undoubtedly invested in high-quality headphones. When I interviewed him at the 2009 show, he was so engrossed by the new Turbine earphones he had recently acquired, he would barely look up from his iPod. Up until that point, he hadn't even thought to upgrade from the stock earbuds.

Now that he's had two years to let the idea of top-notch portable sound sink in, I have some faith that the Soul headphones will provide at least passable audio. I hope to get my ears on a pair when they make their official appearance tomorrow. In the meantime, here's what we know: there are five models in the line, including a noise-canceling set (the SL300), two on-ear models (the SL150 and the SL100), and two in-ear headphones (the SE99 and the SE49). The Soul headphones are scheduled to hit shelves in "early" 2011, which probably means you can expect them by April.