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Sorry. Amazon, T-Mobile aren't in cahoots with their June 18 events

T-Mobile's Uncarrier announcement that day has nothing to do with Amazon, CNET has learned.


Amazon and T-Mobile may have press conferences on the same day and in the same city, but their announcements will won't be linked in any way.

T-Mobile sparked a bit of conspiracy theorizing when it suddenly moved its Uncarrier 5.0 event, set for June 18, up to Seattle where it would draft behind Amazon's own Seattle event, also scheduled for that same day. For some wishful thinkers, the hope was that T-Mobile would play a critical role in the widely expected launch of Amazon's first smartphone -- the Kindle maker's press invitation teased a "new device unveiling."

But it's just a case of coincidence and bad timing, CNET has learned.

"We have a lot of news, but it's not tied to Amazon," said a person familiar with T-Mobile's plans.

As T-Mobile explained in its new invitation, sent out earlier Monday, the move was done to accommodate members of the press, who otherwise would have been forced to divide their coverage between Amazon's Seattle event and T-Mobile's Los Angeles event.

T-Mobile's event is scheduled for the evening of June 18, long after Amazon's own event wraps up.

Check back in with CNET for full coverage of both T-Mobile and Amazon next week.