Sorenson to shrink video links with

There's a new URL shortener in town, but it's not for everyone. Sorenson Media's aims to make Web video links a little easier to swallow.

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If you thought the recent fracas with the Libyan government and .ly domains had put an end to cute, shortened URLs you'd be wrong.

Today, Sorenson Media, a proprietary video codec and video software company, unveiled the latest shortener service, called, which it says has been built to simplify sharing and tracking of video pages.

Users won't just be able to make any link a shortened URL though. Instead, the company is using it in conjunction with its Web-based encoding tool, the Sorenson Squeeze Server. Videos that go through this process can then be given a shortened URL that the company says will be less than 14 characters in length, and can be customized.

On top of this system, Sorenson is integrating the URLs with an analytics dashboard, so authors will be able to see where links are being shared, and where viewers are coming from. The company also says that there are security measures built into pages that keep spam links and phishing scams at bay.

Sorenson says the feature will go live in conjunction with the upcoming release of its Squeeze Server service.

The top-level domain of .vu originates from the Republic of Vanuatu, an island northeast of Australia's mainland.

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