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Sony's superthin TZ makes an appearance

The superthin Sony Vaio TZ laptop makes an appearance.

A hand-delivered box containing a new Sony Vaio TZ laptop just arrived, temporarily holding the CNET Labs staff transfixed with its ultra-slim design. The spell was only broken by a quick inquiry about the system's price ("How much is that? $3,000? Oh...")

Our review unit is actually one of the lower-end TZ models, clocking in at a more reasonable $2,299, meaning it has only 1GB of RAM, a slightly slower CPU than the more expensive models, and a standard hard drive, instead of the 32GB solid-state option in the higher-end TZ configurations (those get up to $3,299).

Since its official unveiling last night, the Vaio TZ has generated plenty of online buzz, even though it's been out in Japan for some time. Our initial hands-on impressions are that we especially like the MacBook-style keyboard, with evenly spaced flat keys, the superthin lid (thanks to the LED backlighting technology), and the green glowing power button located right at the end of the hinge.

Keep an eye out for the full review and video--expedited, no doubt, by our lab technician's offer to take the Vaio TZ home overnight for benchmark testing. It's funny how they only offer to do that for the really fancy, high-end systems.