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Sony's smaller LCD competes well against bargain models

Although it costs a tad more than bargain-basement models, the Sony KDL-L5000 series makes up for it with above-basement design and picture quality.

The KDL-L5000 series is surprisingly affordable, for a Sony. Sarah Tew/CNET

When you compare the various entry-level LCDs in the price range of the Sony KDL-L5000 series, you'll notice a few that cost a bit less. But for a Sony, this set is remarkably affordable, and its design, anchored by a sleek exterior and Sony's typical remote and menu prowess, stands at least a cut or two above that of most HDTVs in its class. Its picture quality also hits most of the right notes, despite a uniformity hiccup and imperfect color accuracy.

Finally, the feature set has a few extras not often found in this price range, including a smattering of power saving modes and that third HDMI input. If you don't mind spending a couple bucks more than you absolutely need, the Sony KDL-L5000 series deserves consideration.

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