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Sony's PS3 controller named, accessories priced in Japan

Sony's PS3 controller named, accessories priced in Japan

After eight years of the DualShock being the company's primary PlayStation controller, the loss of vibration functionality has forced Sony to rename it. The PlayStation 3's standard first-party controller will be called SixAxis, referring to its ability to sense six degrees of movement. The SixAxis will sell for approximately $43 when it comes out in Japan and will run for almost 30 hours on a single charge via USB. Other accessories announced at the show with pricing in Japan include the USB Memory Card Adapter, available at launch for about $13, which will allow you to transfer PS1 and PS2 saves to the PS3, and the PS3 Blu-ray remote for roughly $31, which will come out on December 7. Will the U.S. launch adopters be stuck using the controller to watch Blu-ray flicks, too? We should know more concrete U.S. accessory details after the company's annual Gamers' Day conference on October 19.

Source: Kotaku

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