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Sony's 'portable' Bravia TV

Don't forget to do some stretches before trying to lift it.


As Crave UK mate Rory Reid found out the hard way (risking a hernia with Dell's 20-inch laptop), the definition of "portable" is a relative thing with PCs. And thanks to Sony, British lower lumbar regions will soon be tested again, this time with TVs.

The Bravia B4000 digital LCD is destined for the U.K. market with screen sizes of 20, 23, and 26 inches and surround-sound speakers, according to Engadget, which means they're not exactly made to fit in your pocket. We're not sure how much they weigh, but the fact that there's a handle built into the frame is an indication of their poundage.

Note to manufacturers: If your so-called portable product requires a handle to carry around, perhaps it's time to revisit the drawing board.