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Sony's new waterproof wearable Walkman

Splish, splash, Sony wants you to take a bath with its latest waterproof wearable Walkman.

Tired of cords dangling around while listening to music? This might be for you. Sony

Sony has revealed the next generation of wearable waterproof Walkman portable music players.

The new W260 series is an incremental update to the line of small, screen-less MP3 players, which have been reviewed fairly well by CNET editors in the past.

Two models will be available this August: the 2GB NWZ-W262 ($59) and the 4GB NWZ-W263 ($79). The newest version of the Walkman W "weighs about 24 percent less and is about two-thirds smaller than previous models," according to the press release. Sony has improved bass frequencies in this latest model as well, for those fitness junkies listening to Bassnectar while working out.

Battery life clocks in at a respectable eight hours (on a 1.5-hour charge), and if you're in a hurry the W260 series can run for about a hour on a three-minute charge. It's fairly simple to transfer music to the device, either using Sony's "Content transfer" software, or simply by dragging and dropping your music files. Most Sony PMP's have been drag and drop for a couple of years, so this isn't anything new. The W can play back MP3, WMA, AAC and PCM files.

The selling point, aside from the minimalist shape, is the waterproof/IPX5 rating that pretty much ensures rain, sleet, or snow you'll be able to listen to music, even if you look like a fool doing it. Sony Korea revealed two other Walkman W color variations--pink and purple--that will probably float around in other regions.

Other regions will have a broader pallet of colors to choose from. Sony Korea