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Sony's new NWZ-S610 Walkman reviewed

Sony to launch another Walkman sans SonicStage: the NWZ-S610.


Hallelujah! Sony has done away with its horrible SonicStage software and is opting to go the PlaysForSure route with all of its new Walkman players. Yes, it's not the most traditional way to start a post, but I couldn't bear to place this most exciting tidbit anywhere but front and center, so there you have it. The death of SonicStage comes wrapped up in two nice new MP3 players, the NWZ-A810 and the NWZ-S610, a compact, flash player that is the subject of this review. Of course, an improved software relationship isn't the only thing this device has going for it. While it doesn't bring anything new to the table in the scheme of MP3 players, the NWZ-S610 is a quality device with desirable extras and an excellent rated battery life.