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Sony's new high-end PC speaker

It claims to hit notes "previously inaudible to human ears."


Pity the desktop music lover. While loudspeakers for full stereo systems get more outrageous by the day, the PC is often humored with novelty items of dubious aural or aesthetic value.

Sony seems to be trying to address those issues at least on the European market with its SRSZX1, which it describes as a "unique high-end 2.0 speaker" for PCs that matches the performance of larger systems. The compact unit yields 40 watts of sound and includes noise-reduction technology while making something of a fashion statement at the same time, encased in "aluminum extrusion molding."

If that's not enough, Sony touts something called "Turbo Shift" technology that "changes low frequency bass range previously inaudible by human ears to a range that can be heard for increased bass." So now you and your dog can enjoy music together as never before. We have no idea what any of this means, but it's got to be better than other desktop alternatives.